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New Tax Free Benefit

The interim Canada Dental Benefit is a government initiative that assists families with annual earnings below $90,000 to manage their dental expenses. This benefit is mainly aimed at parents or guardians responsible for the dental costs of children under 12 who are not covered by private dental insurance plans.

Eligibility criteria dictate that the benefit cannot be claimed for dental costs that are already fully covered by other governmental programs. The Canada Revenue Agency facilitates tax-free payments ranging from $260 to $650 for each eligible child, contingent upon the family's adjusted net income, with a provision for up to two payments per child.

Applications are currently being accepted for dental care services rendered between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024. An additional payment may be available for families meeting specific criteria. The deadline for application submissions is June 30, 2024. This benefit underscores the government's commitment to ensuring essential dental care is accessible and affordable for eligible Canadian families.

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