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Tips for getting your loan approved (Part I)

Critical Things to Avoid While Seeking a Loan for Your Business


Borrowing transforms the fortunes of an entrepreneur. However, ensuring the investment is worthwhile and the loan you apply for is right for that investment is very important. Whether borrowing to move your start-up to the next level or borrowing to invest in technological, property or e-commerce projects there’re a number of things you should avoid. Otherwise, the loan might turn out to be the nail that destroyed your big business dream.

Approaching lender too late in the day

Budding entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t understand lending today and yesterday has always been about building bridges and relationships. Most borrowers wait too long before they approach banks and financial institutions for loans.

However, there’s a high chance of loan application being expedited and money released fast if the bankers have already interacted with you and understand your project. Approaching lenders as fast as possible builds a one-on-one relationship. With time you’ll be organizing your finances meticulously with the lender in mind.

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