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Your Application for Funding (Final)

What the Lender Expects From Your Application for Funding.



The lender will also seek to know the contribution of the project to your business's profitability through financial projections and market prospect rationality. Questions on your collateral and investment will be asked, which shows your commitment to your project while reducing the risk to the lender. The collateral will definitely be critical in securing the loan.

Strategic plan

Ensure you've a strategic plan in place with details on how your investment will be done. Growth ideas you’ve in mind should be well elucidated and how they'll be executed in a systematic, informed and coordinated manner. If seeking funding for a startup questions will be asked on your personal financial status and whether you’re able to take care of personal obligations without using your company's earnings.

Due diligence

Bankers will also probe to see whether due diligence on the project has been done and intense research carried out to understand the investment. For instance, if equipment or pieces of technology are needed for the project the lender will probe to know the various models you've looked at, quotes for the same, whether leasing is better than purchasing the items and their ROI.

Seeking funding for your business project can be daunting but doesn't have to be. If you really understand your investment, its requirements and what the lender requires and expects in your loan proposal, getting the finance you seek will be stress-free. Any negotiation with the banker will be completed with confidence.

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