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Traveling Tips

You may have decided to skip out on some trips, but here are some tips to save that may help you relieve some of that stress and change your mind.

Choosing Your Destination

– You might change destinations based on the currency rate. US might not be the best place, but other places that don’t require US currency may help such as Costa Rica and Mexico. – There has been many bargains in Europe – especially during non-peak travel times

Before You Decide

– Look at travel cards that may have some perks that could be beneficial (free companion tickets, waived baggage fees, priority access, and even upgrades) – Explore all types of credit cards that might suit your needs


– Use Airbnb or VRBO, these have larger rooms/accommodations more than you would for hotels, free wifi, laundry, and a kitchen to cook your own meals. – House rental or house exchange if need be (,,


– May have some perks on your credit card – There are also good points in looking at buying two one way fares that could save you money – Traveling in mid-week – Some sites have hidden tickets that might not be shown in others: Rome2Rio,

When You Arrive

– Go directly to the local tourist office to get maps, great discounts on attractions, museums (some have certain times of the week that are free). – Websites: (hiking, ways to participate in other events), (volunteers in local places that show you around for free)

Enjoy your travels the best you can without being stressed about the finances!

If you have any more questions or suggestions, comment blow and let us know!

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