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Saving Tips

Grocery prices are rising and unless we allocate more into our budget, are there other ways to save? There are many ways to trim your shopping budget. Here are some tips and steps.


– Plan ahead, know your meal plan for the week at minimum – Look at the items you have in your house and use them! Don’t let foods expire – Less trips to the store cuts down on the opportunity to impulse buy

Create a Shopping List

– Put them in order you find things in the store (for example, fruits and vegetables first, then bread, meat. etc). You’ll start going to each department for specific items instead of shopping – If items are not in season, opting for frozen can save you considerable change

Saving Time

– Learn to cook a few recipes, this saves time and money – Prep your food in advance so you are less likely to impulse shop when you are tired – Spend some time chopping fruits and vegetables as snacks for the days ahead

Grocery Stores

– You don’t have to shop at the same grocery store, but learn the layout of the store to know which aisles to go to with your list – Keep track of the items you buy most frequently, with a recommendation of 10 (for example, chicken legs, cereal, fruits) and know the prices. You’ll know when they go on sale and if it’s a good price you’re paying. – Get a good idea of which brands you can substitute especially if they are similar in taste. The trick is that brand items are at eye-level, so look down and see some more options


– There may be significant savings, but learn the key prices and you’ll have a benchmark to when sales are good and worth it – Look at online deal sites such as with a comparison of all flyers at your ease – Sometimes, Facebook likes can net you free coupons for products – Reviewing discount or big box stores can often have great savings on detergents, paper goods, and other house hold items.

Other Strategies

– If possible, don’t bring your children to shop. It may not be for everyone, but saying no to your kids may not be easy. – Bring or use a calculator to add the prices as you go along – Only buy sale items if you are going to guarantee usage

Changing your shopping habits may be difficult, but well worth it in the end. Track the difference prior to starting and after. Give yourself some time and dedicate yourself to cutting down costs.

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