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Back to School Budgeting

As the last few days of summer come and go, the kids are going back to school! You’re most likely stressing over the demanding school fees and supplies. Have you set up a budget and do you know how much you’re spending before you actually spend it? There are ways to budget for what you can control in your hands. School fees have no major hike, but it’s better to know where your money is going before it’s gone!

In the video above, Christine talks about what to know about back to school and how to budget. If back to school came around the corner way too fast, don’t worry! It’s not too late to start budgeting now!

In Calgary, there are two major school districts, therefore different fees:

Calgary Board of Education (public):

  • Transportation: $300/child

  • Noon Supervision: ~$250/child depending on the age

Calgary Catholic School District (CSSD):

  • Transportation: $270/child to a maximum of $540

  • Noon Supervision: $80/child to a maximum of $160

While there are some fees that are required for payment right away, here are some things to do for budgeting:

  • Review your situation

  • How many of these expenses impact you

  • Do you have the yellow bus transportation, activity fees, resource fees, etc.

  • Review which expenses could be paid in time or in the future. Another option can be to use your Child Care Benefits as others are using to help pay for expenses.

Something else to take note of is what can be tax deductible to help you further budget! The noon supervision fees qualify for child care expense where both districts can issue tax deductible receipts. Transit passes are also deductible!

Supply list! Did you forget about that or have your kids been talking non-stop about all the cartoon pencils and pens they want? Here are some ways to budget for that:

  • Buy in bulk for the future!

  • Find the best prices and places (the dollar store and other inexpensive stores)

  • Other ways:

For those who are in financial hardships, there are some forms on the district websites for forms for the waiver system to help you with fees. Other situations can be found on the website, or speak to the principle of the school to defer fees and other options!

Here’s to a great school year and the best to your budgeting!

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