Saving Tips

Grocery prices are rising and unless we allocate more into our budget, are there other ways to save? There are many ways to trim your shopping budget. Here are some tips and steps. Planning – Plan ahead, know your meal plan for the week at minimum – Look at the items you have in your house and use them! Don’t let foods expire – Less trips to the store cuts down on the opportunity to impulse buy Create a Shopping List – Put them in order you find things in the store (for example, fruits and vegetables first, then bread, meat. etc). You’ll start going to each department for specific items instead of shopping – If items are not in season, opting for frozen can save you considerable change S

Refinancing Your Home

To kickstart the new year, RBC is raising their mortgage rates and be prepared: other banks will most likely follow. Refinancing your home may be something to look into. Why Refinance? – Taking advantage of equity from your home – Getting out of debt & Debt consolidation – Lower interest rate mortgage – Job loss or maternity situation – Home renovations Costs – Appraisal fees (some legal costs if you haven’t had a mortgage before or penalties): roughly $300-$500 – If you have penalties, it is 3 months of interest on your existing mortgage or if the interest rate differential is more, it is the greater of that – Another option is that in the mortgage, you may have some hidden treasures

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